Recent Awesome Dark Mode reviews

  • 30.6.2023

    This has been the first extension I add to every browser after resetting a PC or getting a new one, for years. If every app in the various extension stores worked as well and as consistently as Dark Reader, we’d all save an enormous amount of time, and non-tech folks would save a lot of anxiety thinking they’ve been hacked because extension corruption never occurs to them. It may seem simple in it’s core function, but I’ve done some (very) lite extension coding in my Javascript and CSS class, and it takes a lot of focus and intent to pack a lot of features into an app, and avoid making the frontend look intimidating. The amount of options this ext. offers if you were to start numbering them on paper, could very easily require a tutorial video and user guide…but you don’t need it, because the aesthetic explains itself. That’s pure skill, and to offer 90% of the functionality in the free version, while not collecting identifying data on the backend to a data broker, in a time when “data is the new oil”…well, I appreciate it. A developer with less ethics would make BANK on this extension because most people will want it’s function on every site, including incognito. This is the first review I’ve made in years, but this dev(s) deserve the props, and far, far more.

  • 30.6.2023

    Amazing. I’m currently taking Coursera courses, and they don’t have dark mode. This worked like a charm. No bugs yet

  • 29.6.2023

    Being able to explain how amazing this tool is is almost impossible. Simplicity and power are too much. I use it every day. Not because I’m against the white theme. But those who work all day with computers know how tired their eyes are. It helps a lot

  • 28.6.2023

    Perfect for night time browsing and working! Works really well with all the google suite and atlassian suite

  • 27.6.2023

    This extension is amazing. but in last update have bug in some website. Please fix this. Problem like in website:

  • 26.6.2023

    I just installed it now. This extension is amazing. Perfect when your browsing at night to reduce your eye fatigue and not blasting your eyes heavily. Definitely recommended.

  • 26.6.2023

    I have been using this extension for the past 3 months, and the fact that I don’t have to stress my eyes to read things is amazing. I would like an extra month.

  • 26.6.2023

    There are times I prefer the dark theme. But some pages are already dark and they don’t play together very well. YT is one of them.

  • 24.6.2023

    Absolutely amazing chrome extension Not all of the websites I use have a night mode, so this is a lifesaver. I have really sensitive eyes, and I sit in front of my laptop every single day, so this is helpful. The settings are very good, too. I like that we can turn the dark mode off for certain websites that already have a dark mode setting on their website. I would recommend using this extension.

  • 23.6.2023

    I use Google apps such as Sheets, Docs, Search, Drive & Calendar everyday. Google dark mode is now so easily accessible, I love it! -